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Unless you have been disconnected from the internet for a long time, surely you already know a lot about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Leaguethe new game developed by Rocksteady Studiosparents of the saga arkham, and it is in this same universe where this story takes place. The title has received massive amounts of publicity; Some people like it, some people don’t.

The title has stood out for its premise and gameplay, as well as mentioning that the world map, that is, Metropolis, is twice as big as the map of Batman: Arkham Knight, and that the city will feel alive. On the other hand, there are many criticisms of the game, such as including a Battle Pass or the fact that it requires you to always be connected to the internet, even if you are playing alone.

Anyway, today we are not talking about the game in general terms, but about something very, very specific, and that is that, in the last trailer that we have been able to see, we had a look at the character of Wonder Woman, who is the only member of the Justice League that is not being controlled by Brainiac, who is the main villain of the game and who has Superman, Batman, Flash and company under his mind control, which is why the Suicide Squad is required.

It is the first time that we can see Wonder Woman, or Wonder Woman, if you prefer, in the universe of arkham of the games rocksteady, and his appearance has been the subject of multiple reactions. We are often used to seeing Wonder Woman as a dark-haired Germanic woman, sometimes with quite pale skin and bright blue eyes. Of course, this is how she has been conceived in the comics of DC Comics.

However, if we go back to the fictional origins of the character, Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior, belonging to the aforementioned tribe. She is the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, so she is a Greek demigoddess, born on the fictional island of Themyscira, located in some secret place near Greece. So why doesn’t Wonder Woman look Greek?

There have been multiple debates about how the ancient Greeks looked, since in paintings after their time they were always represented as beautiful human beings with pale skin and straight hair, however, if we look at the Greeks of today, we will notice that This classic representation that we have in our heads, due to popular culture, is completely wrong.

Back on topic, Wonder Woman is hundreds of years old, and her appearance should reflect what Greek women looked like back then. Although we’ve had multiple representations of Wonder Woman in video games, they’ve all followed the same pattern, which isn’t really a bad thing, as they respect what the character looks like in the comics where she’s from.

However, a more correct and appropriate version, taking into account everything that was discussed above, would be the one that we can see in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. With a fair skin tone, dark hair, and much duller blue eyes. The Diana in this game looks exactly like, knowing only her story on her paper, an Amazon princess should look.

Wonder Woman has made me turn to see Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice LeagueSo now I’ll probably give it a try.

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