Kim Kardashian reveals her multi-million dollar garage

The socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has once again been in the news, this time for exhibiting her impressive collection. On her social networks, a large number of high-end, personalized and exclusive vehicles could be seen that have left us speechless. Do you dare to learn more about this ostentatious showcase? Keep reading!

kim kardashian has once again revolutionized the networks with its ostentatious acquisitions. True to her style, the American does not stop flaunting her exclusive designs with which she shines on the road. However, she surprised all her fans with the harmony that these beautiful cars bring together. We couldn’t expect less!

The famous businesswoman not only has a heart attack garage in which she has allocated a large part of her fortune. But alsohas invested a large sum amounting to $ 100,000 to paint its three most iconic cars in a custom gray tone by Platinum Motorsports, in Los Angeles Why did you choose this color? Kim wanted to put her mansion in tune with her favorite cars.

In this way, your Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Ghost and Mercedes Benz Maybach s580c all eyes were stolen. The businesswoman would have spent a sum of 1,000,000 dollars on them. However, given her immense fortune, she had no problem adding a few more bills to customize them to her liking. Who could!

As we can see, the luxurious and sporty models are one of the model’s favorites. The Urus for its part, has a powerful V8 engine and an attractive design. Its market value is around $240,000. Kardashian didn’t take long to personalize it and give it a special touch, with wheels and a sporty interior that makes it look like a machine.

On the other hand, the Ghost is one of the most luxurious designs of the brand and is positioned as one of the most acclaimed among celebrities. Its value ranges from $ 410,000 and has a V12 engine that gives off a power of 563 hp A complete beauty! Besides, the Maybach became the electric example that the American did not want to ignore to give a special touch to her garage. It has a value of around $250,000.

With an exploding bank account, Kim can indulge in whatever whims come to mind. Her great passion for the automotive industry can be seen in every space of her bulging garage. Unlike other celebrities, Kardashian does not miss an opportunity to open the doors of her home and exhibit these asphalt beasts. And which one do you prefer?

Photo gallery:

Kim Kardashian with her collection.

Kim Kardashian with her Rolls-Royce.

Kim Kardashian’s custom Lamborghini.

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