Kim Kardashian turns on social networks with a tiny bikini (PHOTOS)

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Kim Kardashian wore a black swimsuit that exposed her statuesque figure, her flat abdomen and her wasp waist

The influencer’s postcards kim kardashian in social networks they give to talk. So while many praise her most summery looks in a swimsuit, others adore her most glamorous outfits, especially worn on the red carpets. The truth is that there are more than 347 million people who follow the member of the clan kardashians in instagram.

In one of her latest posts on this social network, the businesswoman who created the clothing line for physical activity, called “Skims”, she wore a black bathing suit that exposed her statuesque figure, her flat abdomen and her wasp waist.

On that occasion, Kim garnered more than 5 million “Likes” and about 29 thousand people left a comment. But it has not been the only publication that has caused a stir. Since in the most recent, the ex-partner of Kanye West she decided to show off her face without any particle of makeup.

Natural and reclining on the classic dental office seat, Kimberly Noel wore her face without cosmetic products and her hair tied up in a long braid. As she suggested via her pithy caption, a “tooth” emoji, she underwent dental treatment and decided to go barefoot, in a run-of-the-mill state many people go through.

More than 1.3 million fans They left their “Like” in these few hours that the publication has been on their account. And more than 8 thousand people left him a message. Many Internet users celebrated that their favorite influencer decided to show herself without makeup and filters, far from the beauty stereotypes that she is always accused of following.


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