Kim Kardashian’s particular reaction to Kendall Jenner’s colossal Photoshop error

Kendall Jenner has become popular again this week for a sequence of photos that she shared on Instagram, where she is followed by more than 277 million people from all over the world. The Kim Kardashian’s half sister She has been criticized by many netizens, but she has also had the support of friends who have defended her from bad intentions.

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Some days ago, The beautiful 27-year-old woman shared a sequence of images on her Meta social network account. But within that published reel, there was a photograph that attracted attention. Actually, what caught the eyes of netizens, including Kim Kardashian’s, was one of his hands.

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What happened with the photograph published by the model born in Los Angeles, was that her hand is appreciated with a “strange” appearance, according to Internet users and even the half-sister herself. Many netizens have claimed that Kris Jenner’s daughter has abused photoshop as on other previous occasions.

Kendall’s photograph was criticized for the appearance of her hand. Source: Instagram @kendalljenner

kendall jenner with a long hand”, was the mocking comment that the Kanye West’s ex-wife in the sequence of images of his half sister. On the contrary, Kris He limited himself to praising his daughter with the phrase: “You are perfect.” Who also added to the virality of this post was Hailey Bieber.

The photograph with which Haily defended her friend from criticism. Source: Instagram @haileybieber

The Justin Bieber’s wife is close friends with KendallTherefore, through her Instagram stories, she defended the model who was criticized for the appearance of her hand. “She has always had long hands and fingers,” was the text that hung hailey to show that Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter’s limbs were not photoshopped, but rather large in length.

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