Kourtney Kardashian is modeling her Rihanna pregnancy look, and for good reason

Last night, Rihanna – sorry, Kourtney Kardashian – stepped out in a two-piece from LaQuan Smith’s fall/winter 2022 collection, her belly spilling over a slim waistband skirt. The wellness guru looked like she took inspiration from this Louis Vuitton campaign. Or maybe this Instagram post. Or that paparazzi photo. Or it’s a pregnancy notice.

It’s not about opposing two mothers-to-be, but an opportunity to replicate Rhianna’s influence on what celebrities want to wear when they’re incubating a baby. Between the archival Gucci-era Tom Ford and the archival Chanel, the musician rewrote the maternity book because she dressed like – sap! – someone who wasn’t pregnant. Why buy an elastic waistband when you can just unzip your jeans and get that damn déshabillé effect?

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Since the introduction of the Kravis moniker in 2021, Kourtney Kardashian has undergone a visible change in the way she presents herself. She’s no longer a bitchy Valley girl who says things like “Okay, your conversations are too long,” but a PDA-loving stage girl who wears her sexuality on her sleeve. And when people leave comments like “You’re 44 not 16, honey” on her Instagram posts, it makes sense that she might consider Rihanna to be something of a North Star.

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