Kroos rebels against Ancelotti

09/03/2023 at 18:59


The champagne bubbles didn’t last long for Carlo Ancelotti, who puffed out his chest for his commitment to a midfield that didn’t include Luka Modric and, above all, Toni Kroos. And yet, in the first game in which the team had to win back from an opponent who was closed like a saucer, he had no choice but to bring the German to lead the attack of Real Madrid, a completely different team. with him on the grass.

In fact, he already proved it in Almería with a perfect pass to Bellingham to make it 1-2, but against Getafe he threw the team on his back to give a football concert and rebel against Ancelotti’s decision to demote him. substitution, a situation that the midfielder does not accept.

He continues to be a midfield defender for Madrid. The German, who will soon turn 34 (turning in January), has decided to continue his career for another year, which could put an end to his career.. Ancelotti upstages him, but when he comes out, he reminds him of what he’s made of. He directs the team and launches them on the attack with his passes or long changes of orientation, conditions that his relay races do not achieve.

His performances are holy water for Madrid. The German shows that his football is still relevant, no matter how much the Italian wants to outshine him by putting him on the bench. “If you introduce Kroos, you will make the game better”finally recognizes Ancelotti.

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