Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott want to make their son’s name change to Aire official

On February 2, 2022, the second son of the American influencer, businesswoman and socialite Kylie Jenner and her partner, the American rapper Travis Scott. Soon after, the baby’s parents announced to the world that they would put the Wolf Jacques Webster name.

However, over time they revealed that they weren’t sure of the name that had initially been given to Stormi’s brother, so the famous couple decided to take their time thinking about a new name that they believed that would be better with the personality and essence of his son.

Time passed and after celebrating the first year of life of Kylie Jenner’s second son, she herself announced through social networks that her son would be called Air Webster. In addition to referring to her child by the name Aire, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister has been posting content with her baby and using that word to call him.

To this is now added that she and Travis formally They have sought to make the legal change of the nameof the baby. The previous news was released by the media The Blast. In an article on the website of said medium, it was reported that they obtained access to the official document where Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott request the authorities that their youngest son be called Aire Webster.

Among the arguments they used for the change, the couple said that they considered that the previous one did not reflect their personality well and that in addition they would also remove the Jacques so that the baby will have his own identity and not go under the badge of one of his father Travis Scott’s (real name Jacques Bermon Webster II) names.

In such a way that the two sons of the influencer, businesswoman and socialite North American Kylie Jenner are related to aspects of the planet’s elements such as Stormy, which is a storm (which can be associated with water) and Aire, which is in Spanish and refers to the wind.

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