Kylie Jenner builds a new million-dollar mansion

In 2020, Forbes magazine ranked Kylie Jenner as the youngest person to become a millionaire, on his own merits, he actually surpassed Mark Zuckerberg. And of course, the businesswoman has an enormous fortune thanks to the fact that she invested her money and created a beauty and fashion emporium, since she has a brand of swimwear, cosmetics, skincare products and even has a line of baby products. For this reason, she has a large bank account, so she enjoys great luxuries, trips, cars and mansions.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner, Instagram image.

kylie She has several properties in Los Angeles and according to The Sun, the media in its US version, the tycoon “has a real estate portfolio of $80 million dollars and this includes her mansion in Beverly Hills and her vacation home in Palm Spring.” However, that’s not all, because she is currently in the process of building a fabulous new Mansion.

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