La Muni en tu Barrio will provide services in Placido Martinez and San Marcelo.

The program, coordinated by the municipality of Corrientes in conjunction with the provincial government, continues to provide free benefits and services to residents of the city. On Wednesday, August 23, from 8 to 12, the events will take place in the Placido Martinez area, and on Friday, August 25, they will be installed in San Marcelo. In both places from 14:00 there will be junk.

The Municipality of Corrientes, together with the Provincial Government, continues the weekly actions of the La Muni en tu Barrio program. During the week, it will arrive on Wednesday 23 from 8 am to 12 noon at Agustín P. Justo and Pasaje Garpuchos streets in the Placido Martinez area. And on Friday, the 25th, the base of operations will be in Yugoslavia and Palermo in the San Marcelo area.

Dental Benefits, Weight and Growth Control, General Medical Control, Healthy Pets, Mediation, Consumer Protection, SUBE Card, Suburban Farming (Ñande Huerta), District Commissions, Non-Contributory Pension and Childhood, Diversity and Gender Advice , there will be the usual benefits that the leaders of the metropolitan commune will take to both places.

At various stands, residents will be able to access approaches and prevent problematic consumption, among them there will be zones for the elderly, infrastructure, employment offices, hairdressers, eco-barter and others.


The municipal Healthy Pets program is also added to the list of benefits, with pet health checks, vaccinations, and deworming provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sterilizations (castrations) are also carried out, for this, interested persons must make an appointment on the website:, where they must register their personal data and that of their pet, as well as requirements. it is specified that they must meet to ensure safe conditions for the operation, and then they must choose the option of access to a shift.


Municipal work to eradicate or minimize the presence of Aedes aegipty mosquitoes, vectors of dengue fever and other diseases, is also of fundamental importance.

For this, a decacharrado will be held in the afternoon starting at 2:00 pm in areas where Operation La Muni is scheduled for this week in your area.

On Wednesday, August 23, in Plácido Martinez, the action zone will be limited to Jose Rolon, Amado Bonpland, Estados Unidos and Armenia avenues.

On Friday, August 25th, in San Marcelo, Cazadores Correntinos Avenue, Monte Carlo Avenue, San Francisco de Asis and Sanchez de Bustamante Avenue will be in range.

It is worth remembering that neighbors must first remove all those items that are not in use, can accumulate water and act as reservoirs for mosquitoes, such as: old furniture and appliances, tires, cases, scrap metal, buckets, toys and all kinds of items. containers to be removed by municipal workers.

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