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The tasks that women perform and face at home are varied and require great responsibility. for example, taking care of the family and taking care of the home. In Paraguay, 36.8% of households are headed by a woman. And according to science, this role is so demanding that it affects their well-being.

Psychologist Laura Caceres has argued that being a housewife is a stressful job that comes from hard work, over-responsibility, little rest, and no free time. considered to be the cause of stress. Added to this are the conflicts and emotions of the human essence.

“Many women receive little recognition, and this feeling of being ignored triggers the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, causing feelings of loneliness and isolation, feelings of unproductiveness. When stress is chronic, it is already considered a problem due to its destructive effects on the body, such as digestive disorders, dermatological disorders, sleep disorders, reduced defenses that can cause infections and allergies. explained the professional in a conversation with La Nación/Nacion Media.

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Taking care of children and household chores is much harder. Photo: Pexels

Paraguay has a female population of 3,659,784 in total, making up 49.7% of the population. Out of a total of 2,215,108 women are employed in the household and 1,444,676 have a paid job. according to the latest data from the National Statistical Institute (INE) on the status of women in the Permanent Permanent Household Survey (EPHC).

While many find working outside the home more demanding than staying at home, child care brand Aveeno Baby A study of 1,500 parents found that caring for children and doing daily chores at home are far more stressful than work.

“As a result of psychological efforts, women can develop mental fatigue, and with it a decrease in the ability to concentrate, depressed mood, lack of illusions, suffering and much more,” he said. To cope with the situation, the psychologist recommended include activities that bring you satisfaction and comfort, and try to reduce the amount of work you do by sharing these activities with your children; depending on their age.

In addition, she considered it important that housewives avoid demanding on themselves and accept their own limitations. “They should lower the level of stress hormones, i.e. cortisol, through psychotherapy and other activities such as sports or walking, leisure and relaxation, regular and quality sleep, and a balanced diet.” Caceres said.

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