LA PIZARRA: Moreno must change the pattern

He came on in the 73rd minute replacing Embarba, who was not at the level he offered against Real Madrid and played a decisive role. This meant that Almería would have two strikers from now on, although Luis Suárez delayed his position somewhat. This decision may have seemed risky, and it was, but it was also clear that it was the most risky decision. the only way that can lead our people to restlessness serious about Ledesma. Kone changed the course of the match.

In his first participation warned Fali and Luis Hernandez that his state of relative calm was coming to an end. He corrected the two yellow centre-backs he took out of the game, gave his teammates more space in the penalty area, kicked off a high-profile penalty for which he was not penalized, participated in all of his team’s attacking efforts and showed that his struggles could be scoring. vital for future competition.

An approach

It is the presence of two magnificent strikers, such as Suarez and Kone, that can lead to the fact that Vicente Moreno decides to change the pattern and go play 4-4-2 or, failing that, keep the expired 3-2-3-1 formation with the Colombian in a three.

Rojiblanco coach surprised entrance to Puigmal in the starting lineup. The Catalan was not lucky, after 8 minutes he was reprimanded and this led to his work, in which the will and desire surpassed success.


In the first period, the ball was in possession of Almeria, which held back the opponent’s attacks well, which was facilitated by the poor quality and success of the local attackers’ shots, to the point that they shot only once on goal. Only lack of connection with hints and small overflow capacity of these, he prevented the Indalikos from disturbing Ledesma.

Edgar’s exile, more than severe, because the images do not show the defender touching the “actor” Ramos, in the 49th minute put the game on a tray for the locals. Kaiki stepped in to replace him and became the protagonist not only for his good defense work, but also for his great goal.

against everything

But Almeria was not afraid. Despite all the opposition, the refereeing of Garcia Verdura could not have been more domestic, Almeria did not lose face in the game and from the exit Robertone and Kone settled on the opponent’s field and led fear of the tribunes of Cadist enmity. The effort and faith of our team was rewarded with a great goal by Kaiki, which brought the golden point with which his team opened this area and which made the entire bench jump onto the field to celebrate this event.

Heads and tails in Vicente Moreno’s solutions. The presence of Baba and Lopi in the double support gave him stability, although the former should have been closer to the centre-backs. They lacked connection to the four above. He’s outstanding when it comes to moving the bench and his success was vital for his first time on the track.

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