Lady Di, unknown “gorgeous” nephew who is conquering Hollywood

Although more than two decades have passed since his death, everything surrounding the tragic death of Lady Di remains a mystery. There are still conspiracies that claim that it was not an accident but a murder, but it could not be proven. To this day, all the people related to the most beloved princess in the United Kingdom are in the news. Recently, there was talk of Diana of Wales’s nieces, Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer that, a few days ago, captured all eyes on the London catwalk. They were two of the great protagonists of British Fashion Week. And it seems that they would have inherited their aunt’s style and elegance, but also its undoubted beauty. But they are not the only ones in the family who get all the compliments.

Louis Spencer

There is a lot of talk about some of the most attractive men associated with royalty,Louis Spencer, son of the present Earl Spencer, brother of Diana of Wales. Although He is not the eldest of the Count’s childrenYes, he is the eldest of the boys, and holds the title of Viscount Althorp. Unlike his sisters, he keeps a low profile. However, he has grabbed many headlines for his artistic vocation.

But things could change because today he has full intentions of jumping to the first page. The young man would love to be an actor. In fact, he would like to dedicate himself to this profession that he has loved since he was a child. He graduated last September at ArtsEd London, one of the best performing arts academies in the capital. He graduated as one of the best students of his promotion.

Louis Spencer denies his last name to succeed in the cinema

Experts predict a promising future for him because of his undeniable physical attractiveness, because of his qualifications, but also because of his last name, which could help him in such a competitive world. However, in the acting world, Louis would leave his last name behind, as he doesn’t want it to influence casting decisions. As a totally unknown young man he appears at the Tavistock Wood artist management agency, Louis John Lyons. In this agency there are some names known as Nick Nolte, Alicia Vikander, Eva Green, Dustin Hoffman, Lily James, Liv Tyler and Dominic Westamong others.

louis spencer agency

Louis will inherit the future Althorp House, the family estate where Lady Di is buried, as well as his father’s title. An inheritance that should go to Kitty, his older sister, however, their father has preferred that the male be the heir, as in the past. “I would be perfectly satisfied with Kitty being the heir, but…if he chose Kitty it would go against all the tradition that goes with Althorp,” the current Earl Spencer said.

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