Lady Gaga has a beauty trick that has become a phenomenon on Tik Tok

If there is something that characterizes Lady Gaga, it is her extraordinary and impeccable makeup, something that many of her followers have tried to copy for years, however, fortunately for them, the star’s makeup artist has revealed one of the most important techniques she uses with the American: Draping Blush. The Draping Blush technique, also known as draped blush, is what Sara Tanno applies to Gaga; This consists of applying the blush in the shape of a “C”, starting from the temple and going down towards the cheekbones. However, she also applies it lightly to the upper edges of the eyebrows, covering the eye area as well.

Through his Instagram account, Tanno shared a video in which she makes up the famous interpreter of ‘Poker Face’ with this technique and the result is impressive. In the post, the makeup artist writes, “We call this: Blush Addicted.” For that matter, they used an intense pink blush (from Haus Labs, Gaga’s makeup brand) to add more drama to the look, but lighter shades could also be used for day to day. It didn’t take long for the technique to go viral on TikTok.

Lady Gaga makeup line

Over time, the composer has also proven to be a very risky artist in terms of her appearance and a fashion icon. Of course, although she has become known for her great talent in music, as we mentioned before, in recent years she has shown a more glamorous, classic and refined style; Her makeup takes great prominence in it, to the point of becoming a trend capturing all eyes. For this reason, It did not seem unreasonable that in 2019 the well-known Hollywood star would join the list of celebrities who have developed their own makeup line such as: Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, among others.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta -first name of the artist-, decided to jump into the water and launch her own beauty brand called Haus Laboratories, for this he had the support of the investment fund Lightspeed Ventures, the same one that helped Gwyneth Paltrow to turn his company Goop into a wellness empire. The line encompasses a brand of unisex, vegan and cruelty-free makeup products. It is a collection of ultra-pigmented and long-lasting products such as: lip liners, glosses and metallic shadows. All the products have a variety of colors and textures for all tastes and occasions, as reported by

Haus Laboratories was officially launched in September 2019, however, Gaga announced that the kits could be pre-ordered starting July 15. It should be noted that to bring this project to light, the actress has partnered with Amazon, which guarantees you to sell in nine countries around three continents and with the possibility of one or two days of shipping. The kits contain lip glosses, lip liner and everything related to color, as Gaga explained to Business of Fashion.

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