Lady Gaga sued for failing to pay bounty for her dogs

Lady Gaga faces another legal battle for the facts related to the theft of her dogs after a woman sued her for denying her the reward she offered after the pets were kidnapped.

According to information from Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer McBridethe woman related to the theft of the dogs, sued the singer for not giving him a $500,000 reward “Without asking questions about the disappearance” of the companion animals, as indicated by the artist.

According to documents reviewed by ET, McBride is now asking for $1.5 million in compensation for the breach of the deal that Lady Gaga offered in exchange for the return of the dogs..

In the lawsuit, the woman alleges that the singer of “Born This Way” offered the reward to the general public through her social networks and in the media.

McBride asserts in the lawsuit that “You have endured pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life” after she was questioned by authorities and denied her pet reward.

Two years after the Oscar winner’s pets were kidnapped, police found that James Howard Jackson and two others were stealing fine-breed dogs off the streets of California for profit.

Koji and Gustav were the two puppies of the singer who were stolen, which were in the hands of two criminals. As part of the location, Lady Gaga offered the reward plus the option not to disclose or judge how the dogs were brought back..

The woman explains that she found the dogs and responded to the email to get the reward and learn how to return them. Eventually, she took the dogs to a Los Angeles Police Department station and asked about the money Gaga offered, however, she was linked to the suspects.


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