Lali, a true queen of Argentine pop

lali sings; lali dance; lali perrea; lali look; lali challenge. lali love it, as simple as that. And the crowd that filled Frank Romero Day and the surrounding hills last night to enjoy the last night of the Harvest Festival 2023 can attest to each of these qualities.

Lali showed that she is a true queen of Argentine pop; and Mendoza had the chance to enjoy it at a very high point in her artistic career.

The show was divided into acts, where the artist changes her clothes and the ten dancers have time to do their thing, accompanied by a simple but very solid band (drums, bass, guitar and keyboards), and with lots of pre-recorded voices.

Lali’s songs have a magical halo: it may be that we are hearing them for the first time but it sounds familiar. Obviously, there, in those measures, there is a lot of what we have incorporated into our sonic lives: Cher, Madonna, Tina Turner, ABBA, Shakira, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, disco and all elements of pop. And, by dint of being honest, they are very well used because without copying anyone, Lali manages to impose simple, effective songs full of contagious melodies. Thus, the Greek theater was transformed into a great dance floor and with voices that appeared timidly in “Diva” and that only became a massive chorus with “Soy”, one of the biggest hits to later become a more followed resource.

The show is effective and forceful, illuminated and well guided, directed with ease and category by an artist who knows about stages because Lali also acts and that is enough for her to stand firmly before the crowd. And she has a lot of experience -despite her youth- of her because she was a “Teen Angels”, one of the highly successful products of the factory commanded by Chris Morena.

Everything we saw in this “Discipline Tour” that happened last night in Mendoza it was top notch as that crowd deserved, who did not hesitate for a moment to give their love to the singer and give her a very special night.

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