Lali Esposito showed her before and after on TikTok and brought nostalgia to her followers.

Lali Esposito He spent his entire life in the public eye. from a very young age began her artistic career as an actress at the hands of Cris Morena.. He has worked in successful youth series such as Rincon de Luz, Casi Angeles, Floricienta and Esperanza Mia. Then he decided to go into music and released great hits like “I am”, “Discipline” and his recent “Who are they?” with special participation Moria Kazan.

At the last moment, Lali knew how to combine and complement acting and singing.. While working on her latest album, she also directed a popular TV series. sky red in Spain and end of love in Argentina. Without neglecting its musical side, continued to release singles video clips shot by herself where she also showed her skills as an actress.

One of the recently posted photos of Lali Photo: instagram

In addition, the artist shows her ability to interpret different characters whenever possible. Usually through her social media like Instagram and TikTok, Lali reveals all her charisma and grace in front of the camera.. To the delight of their subscribers, the former young angels shows a very interesting side of himself.

That’s how recently joined the TikTok trend with Billie Eilish’s song for the Barbie movie. In personal account Argentina used a filter that compares the photo and the current image. In this case, she decided to show her evolution from a child to an adult, and the result was unexpected.

Lali on Instagram Photo: instagram

Before and after Lali Esposito

Through your tiktok accountLali began by sharing a photo of herself as a child with a big smile, which later became what she looks like today. Quickly, users noticed a match with a well-known international player.

“It reminded me of Demi Lovato in her Disney days,” “It reminded me of Demi Lovato’s smile,” “I thought it was Demi Lovato,” several followers agreed.

He then opted for more contemporary photography, albeit as a child. In this case, in the first image, Lali opened her mouth in surprise in a fictional scene when she played Robertita in Floriciente. He then repeated the gesture, but could not help laughing.

Still excited about the before and after filter, the artist re-uploaded another video. “The last one, I swear,” he said.

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