Last farewell to Sevilla, accept Arabia’s offer and play Benzema

Saudi Arabia It’s fashionable among footballers. The golden bubble Arab clubs wrap themselves in to convince players continues to be a very good reason for many of them to end up accepting their offers. Despite being a lower level league, the pros put the economic aspect ahead of the sporting one. A few years ago, a similar situation was observed with the “old glory”, who decided to travel to more exotic countries to sign the last great contract of his career, but this year we saw young people who have a great future ahead of them. like Gabri Veiga. They also succumbed.

Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the pioneers who decided to travel to an Arab country to try out a new challenge. He has been joined by a long list of the most prestigious football players who will theoretically make the Saudi league a much higher level competition. In the last days of the market, it seems that an old colleague Karim Benzema at Real Madrid he will meet him again, this time on Al Ittihad. And the fact is that the situation with Sergio Ramos he turned 180 degrees and can now accept the offer of Saudi football.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new player of Al-Nasr / Photo: Europa Press

Sevilla forget Sergio Ramos

Central defender Camas ended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain this season, and both the club and the player realized that the best thing for both was to complete the stage. Thus, the Spaniard remained a free agent and can sign a contract with any team that decides to negotiate with him and fulfill his contractual need.

There have been many rumors about the future of Sergio Ramos, who returned to the Santiago Bernabéu due to an injury to Eder Militao. However, it was only a rumor that both Florentino Pérez and Carlo Ancelotti were responsible for the denial, who stated that the replacement for the Brazilian would not be signed.

Sergio Ramos defends himself during the match against PSG / Photo: Europa Press – Mathieu Mirville

He Sevilleplayers of level and experience are also very much needed I would try to return it. However, Camero’s expectations and the anger of Andalusian fans who warned that he would boycott his signing ultimately made Sergio Ramos’ homecoming impossible.

Al Ittihad, the new destination of Sergio Ramos

The main idea of ​​the Spanish centre-back has always been to continue competing in Europe and he has been reluctant to accept offers from Saudi Arabia. However, given the lack of offers from the Old Continent, Ramos, who wishes to continue competing, may eventually change your mind and sharing a locker room with Benzema at Al-Ittihad.

Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos embrace / Photo: Europa Press

In accordance with SkySportsArab team proposed to Sergio Ramos salary 15 million euros, which eventually convinced the Seville. Thus, he will face his old friend Karim Benzema again to fight for titles, as they already did at Real Madrid.

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