Learn about Neymar Jr’s requirements to play in Saudi Arabia

brazilian star Neymar Jr was signed by Al-Hilal from the Pro League. Saudi Arabia for the next two seasons.

The player, who is one of the most valuable players in the market in recent years, has signed a million dollar contract that will bring him some profit. revenue of 150 million euros per season.

However, the football player came to Al-Hilal not only for the sake of money. demanded a number of “whims” that have come to light in recent days.

What did Neymar Jr demand?

Among the requests, the attacker is in Mansion for 25 rooms with a pool of 400 square metersfive full-time employees in his home, kitchen assistants for his personal chef, two cleaners, and the ability to juice his favorite fruits, acai and guarana, in the fridge.

In addition, the player also requested a list of vehicles that were always in his possession, including Bentley Continental GP, Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Huracan. He also needs a chauffeur-driven Mercedes G Wagon, which he will mainly transport.

Besides, the team promised to pay all expenses Neymar Jr. in hotels and restaurants during his stay in Saudi Arabia.

Requests Neymar Jr. were met with criticism some sectors that believe that the player is too demanding. However, Al-Hilal accepted all the conditions of a player who, thanks to this signing, will become the highest paid in the world..

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