LeBron James is excited about the Lakers’ new center

Jesus Garcia

The Los Angeles Lakers of LeBron James are already starting to hallucinate about their new center, who will be a great addition to Anthony Davis, who will no doubt need help on board.

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This is Jackson Hayes, who came to the Californians in the transfer market after leaving the New Orleans Pelicans. While he’s not a superstar, he’s shaping up to be a big asset to the Lakers.

Sources close to the team note that the said player will play an important role along with Davis, as the said pivot is very versatile and has an enviable physique, however, his efficiency is not the best, so the gold-purple team will have to work on this. player’s appearance.

In the last NBA campaign, he did not score on offense, with only 5.0 points, 2.8 rebounds and 0.7 assists, so the Lakers are looking to develop his game and make him a more consistent player on the court.

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In the absence of Davis, Hayes should take over the paint job, but while the Lakers will have a lot of strength in this aspect of the game, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll average a lot of points.

That’s why the Californian team will put him to the test, and along with Davis and LeBron James, he will have the opportunity to improve his game and post better averages than in the last edition of the world’s best basketball league.

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