Leo Messi showed the best of the holiday: his children and wife

After a big scandal caused by a family trip Lionel Messi to Saudi Arabia last May, the new Inter Miami FC striker is again using his Instagram account to share some memories of this vacation, and this time the husband Antonella Roccuzzo He managed to win the hearts of many of his fans, because in a short time his tender has already exceeded 6.3 million likes. mail.

Right now, the Argentine star’s brilliant MLS debut is on everyone’s lips. Actually, Camilo And Eva Luna were part of the emotional reception given to Messi in Miami, and a few days later, the son DJ Khaled she burst into tears from the emotion of entering the field with Leo.

In the midst of all this furor, it was logical that a new look at the intimate life of a football player, in the company of his children and wife, would attract so much attention.

“The best thing about a holiday is spending time with your loved ones,” Messi said in a message posted this Thursday, July 27, on his Instagram account. The first photo in his album is already magical, because in it he hugs one of his children.

Messi, who celebrated his 36th birthday with a modest family party last June, explained where the photos he shared were taken. “Memories of my visit to Riyadh, knowledge of local customs. If you are looking for somewhere to go, I really liked the Asir Mountains,” Leo added, adding that the temperature in that place is 17°C (about 62.6°F) .

Other photos in her post show Antonela, who we see first sitting in a field with her two children and Messi, and then at the fair celebrating her triumph in a family game.

The family core has always been very important to the native of Rosario, Argentina. So much so that Messi recently admitted to not having a good time, and for that reason, the decision to move to Miami was made with wife and kids in mind.

Now Antonela Rocuzzo and the kids thiago, Cyrus And Matthew They seem to enjoy the beauties of Miami, where the manifestations of love for them do not stop. Only this week Camila Cabello She declared herself a Messi fan and, like many other Latin Americans, was in the stadium supporting the athlete and sending love to his family.

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