Leonardo defends Neymar, Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappe

He Paris Saint Germain carries out a real revolution in its avant-garde. Once you slow down (for now) march Kylian Mbappe (24 years old) against Real Madrid, we must remember that they lost Lionel Messi (36 years old) And Neymar (31 years old). Meanwhile, Leonardowho was the French sports director, made it clear how to manage these three cracks.

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“These guys with this level of talent are uncomplicated. They solve more problems than they create, and if their problems need to be solved, it has already been done. You need to take into account the pros and cons. People should feel good. These guys they need a state of mind, they need to be in order, they need to be recognized. And the one who has to do this job is the club, we are the leaders.”– said in an interview given on the portal. ge.

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Leonardo’s Confessions of the Three of Aces

To which he added that “For me, as a player and coach, even if they are of this level, they win games. And the one who wins championships is the club. The one who wins championships is the company. and he felt himself involved in this and decided to leave.”.

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The star from Rosario is already shining in the US MLS with Inter Miami, and Yes He will have to tune in to debut with Al-Hilal. As for Kylian, he will do everything in his power to lead Luis Enrique’s PSG to the pinnacle of success in the coveted Champions League.

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