Lewis Hamilton ‘pissed’ at Shakira and made her a special ban

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton was in love with Colombian singer Shakira a year after the artist’s scandalous split with former football player Gerard Pique. Given so many rumors, it seems that the pilot was fed up with the whole situation, and he turned to his team with a special request.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton have been linked together since the artist first attended the Miami Grand Prix a couple of months ago. Afterwards, they went boating together and were seen having dinner together. Shakira also competed in Spain and the UK where she was a pilot, fueling romance rumors. However, everything seems to be not what it seems.

According to journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez of Mamarazzi, the publication that reported Shakira and Pique’s breakup, Lewis Hamilton is unhappy with Shakira.

Mamarazzi notes that the pilot was annoyed that Shakira made people believe they were in a relationship when they weren’t. “He is upset because she wants to pretend that there is a relationship between them,” the journalists say.

According to their reports, Shakira and Hamilton’s first meeting in Miami was arranged by the PR team, who invited Shakira to meet the pilot. However, it is reported that it is the singer who is still interested in attending competitions.

Shakira attended the British Grand Prix, which was held at the Silverstone circuit. However, contrary to what everyone believes, there was no meeting between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton.

The reason for this is that Lewis Hamilton asked his team not to let Shakira into the motorhome so that it would not affect her concentration before the competition.

There were so many expectations about the relationship between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton that the pilot became upset, mainly because, apparently, Shakira wants to pretend that they are in a relationship, when they are not.

Shakira and Jimmy Butler

In addition to Lewis Hamilton, Shakira also appears in rumors of an affair with NBA basketball player Jimmy Butler. The two were spotted dining at a luxury restaurant in London and shared animatedly for hours. In addition, Shakira also attended several games of the Miami Heat, the team that Jimmy Butler plays on.

Shakira, who has just received news of a second Spanish tax evasion trial, appears to be interested in Butler.

US media outlet US Magazine detailed that Shakira and Jimmy Butler “have been out on the streets a few times, but it’s too early to tell if there’s a long-term grip.”

In addition, a source consulted by this portal indicated that “Jimmy makes Shakira smile and she feels happy spending time with him.”

Although there have been many rumors for a year now about who stole Shakira’s heart, neither the singer nor her team has confirmed anything. What is certain is that Barranquillera is focused on her music career and attending important events.

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