Liam Hemsworth would sue Miley Cyrus for defamation, this is what we know

Liam Hemsworth could be suing his ex-wife Miley Cyrus for defamation, according to several North American media, who assure that the actor is taking the legal route after Cyrus’ new single, ‘Flowers‘, reportedly almost costing him his role in the upcoming ‘The Witcher’ series.

The American outlet Aceshowbiz reported on Tuesday that the 33-year-old actor filed a ‘defamation of character complaint’ as he is apparently not happy with his ex allegedly singing about him in the hit single ‘Flowers’, since he is about to lose his contract with the series ‘The Witcher’ as a result of it.

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Meanwhile, Liam’s sister-in-law and Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, referred to the friction that is assured between the couple of artists who are now ex-spousesand spoke of the hit song during an interview with the Spanish publication Europa Press and showed his support for his brother-in-law, “It’s a very old topic for us. If someone should speak, it should be Liam, but I think she can do what she want,” he said.

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Hundreds of fans of both artists have spoken about it on social networks, assuring that on the one hand, Miley never said her name in the song and that if he was considered “alluded to” it is his responsibility, as well as those who defend the actor and compare the actress and singer to Amber Heard and her article on violence against women.

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