Like in a dream: watch Chelsea and Wrexham train at Carey

Visitors were able to see their favorite football players despite the heat.

Carey.- Chelsea FC from England and Wrexham from Wales trained at the stadium located on the grounds of the WakeMed Soccer Park complex.

The sports venues opened their doors to the public on July 18 around 3pm to welcome fans of the two teams.

Despite the 94-degree heat and family atmosphere, these training sessions were held before the match between Chelsea and Wrexham in the Florida Cup.

First of all, the Wales team entered the field, met with shouts and applause from the audience. They completed the physical activity after an hour.

Later it was the turn of the English team, which was also greeted with applause.

They ended the training after an hour and a half of physical activity with a small football practice between members of the same team.

During Chelsea’s training, the irrigation system in which the training took place was activated, which caused surprise among those present.

As the water flowed from the sprinklers, many players took the opportunity to cool off and continue training.

The match between the two teams, the English and the Welsh, will take place on July 19 at Kenan Stadium, located in the city of Chapel Hill. at 19:30

Among the leagues in which Chelsea participate are the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and the League Cup.

For their part, Wrexham AFC are currently playing in FA League Two and the FA Cup, aiming for promotion to the big leagues. Premier League, the most important league in the United Kingdom.

happiness in training

No doubt many fans enjoyed seeing their favorite players and were even lucky enough to have their photo taken with them and even take home an autographed T-shirt.

Mostly the little ones, who accompanied their parents and wore the jerseys of the teams of their choice, took home great memories.

However, some adults also enjoyed the training and the chance to see players like Chelsea’s Thiago Silva and Mikhail Mudryk or Wrexham’s Paul Mullin and Ollie Palmer.

Such is the case with Olaf Garcia and José Ríos, hailing from the Mexican states of Veracruz and Michoacán, respectively. They have been rooting for the English team for 14 years.

What’s happening

Olaf and José arrived in the United States some 24 years ago, but the fact that they wore a Chelsea jersey didn’t make them forget the Cruz Azul or Monarcas de Michoacán car.

Live Stream

The match between Chelsea and Wrexham will be broadcast live on ESPN+ in the USA on Wednesday, July 19 starting at 19:30.

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