Lionel Messi is NOT the richest Inter Miami player, who can beat him?

Inter Miami is the fashion team of recent weeks thanks to Messi. With the arrival of the Argentine, ticket prices for the team’s matches have skyrocketed, and it plans to add 3,200 seats to its 18,000-seat stadium.

The Argentine star’s arrival in Florida has revolutionized the American Football League. and gave free rein to the illusions of fans in Miami, where many Hispanics live.

And while Lionel Messi is Inter Miami’s most talented player because he is a world champion, has seven Ballons d’Or and countless titles, Messi is not the most millionaire on the team, despite his exorbitant salary.

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Messi is not the richest player in Inter Miami

When Messi was about to choose a team, Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia offered Messi some 400 million euros for the season, but for the opportunity to transport him to the United States, Inter offered $ 500 million. In Colombian pesos, the offer came from from 1.8 trillion to more than 2.25 trillion.

In terms of salary, Inter Miami agreed to salary of 50 million euros per season for four years. Although this is a tenth of what they offered in Arabia, these are still large amounts, as they amount to more than 225,000 million Colombian pesos (225,462,194,000), and in a day they will exceed 617 million Colombian pesos.

Despite these numbers, Your partner Leonardo Campana has more money given that he belongs to one of the richest families in Ecuador, whose legacy reaches one billion euros.

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This was reported by the Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport. Campana comes from an incredibly wealthy family. This Ecuadorian player’s grandmother, Isabelle Noboa, is one of the country’s successful businesswomen, while his grandfather, Isidro Campana, helped build Guayaquil’s iconic stadium and served as Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment in Ecuador, earning a huge income. retirement from professional tennis.

Similarly, Leonardo’s uncle, Alvaro Campana, is a tycoon known throughout South America, while another uncle, Daniel Noboa, could become president of Ecuador.

In this sense, Leonardo Campana surpasses both Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. in wealth, as it is estimated that his assets are around 500 million euros.

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