Listen to “Mind Your Business”, Britney Spears’ new song from

It was 2013 when a renewed Britney Spears joined the voice of the producer and musician. The result of their collaboration was Scream and shoutthe song that eventually became terribly famous and what sounded in the best nightclubs in the world.

10 years have passed since that success, and the life of the pop princess has changed a lot. She started a legal battle against her father, she was released from a custody that weighed on her, and little by little, albeit with ups and downs, she begins to regain her freedom and her career. The first song he released was released last August. Elton John, who just left the stage, re-recorded the remix Hold me closer

Now comes Britney’s second step her return as the princess of pop. The singer sings along with in the song Mind your business, (mind your business).

It should be noted that Britney Spears chose a recycled image to promote this theme and shoot the cover. photo shoot 2003 with photographer Mark Liddell.

In addition, there are rumors that is not even real, but an image created by Artificial intelligence (AI).

What does “mind your own business” mean?

Spears repeats the verse “Mind Your Own Business Bitch”throughout the song, which uses an electronic beat reminiscent of’s previous work.. Bye, he sings about those who follow Spears too closely for painful gain: paparazzi, press, spectators…

“Where is he, where is he, where is he?” he raps, singing as if he were the voice of those who watch Spears:“Here he comes, here he comes, here he comes. What is he doing, what is he doing, what is he doing? Too much vigilance, vigilance… Watching me… Watching you, watching you.”

Just a few days ago, the singer announced that a book with her memoirs would be published in October this year, baptized women in mein which, as might be expected, she testified about those 13 years under her tutelage.

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