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Lizzo and her dancers GettyImages-1564976622

Lizzo and her dancers GettyImages-1564976622

Lizzo She has been at the center of the hurricane ever since a former dancer sued her. for workplace mistreatment, including sexual harassment.

Since then, several former Lizzo employees have backed the petitioners. However, he also received various support, from dirt and more recently beyoncé.

And to these approvals a new voice joined, group of current dancers from Lizzo.

Support for Lizzo from her dancers

The group of dancers and dancers who accompany Lizzo on her tours, known as Big Grrrl and Big Boiii Dancers, respectively, issued a statement in support of the singer.

“We are honored to share the stage with an incredible talent. This touring experience was more than just Special!” To begin with, “Being committed to character and culture, prioritizing every movement and moment, has been one of the greatest lessons and blessings we could ask for,” the statement said.

THANK YOU Lizzo for breaking the restrictions and opening the door to the dancers Big Grrrl and dancers Big fight let’s do what we love You have created a platform where we can connect our passion with purpose. Not only for us, but for women and all people who break barriers“.

“We traveled and opened up new horizons of the world. There are many advantages to overcome the difficulties that society, the entertainment and beauty industry can provide …So grateful that the standards and existence of Beauty in THIS Team goes beyond the surface.!” they added in a statement.

“Our collective gifts truly fuel the kind of energy, love, and support that can physiologically help heal the world. We are unicorns, undeniably resilient and ESPECIALLY AMAZING,” they added in a social media statement.

Recall that Lizzo responded to the allegations a few weeks ago. “All in all, I prefer not to respond to false accusationsbut they are as incredible as they sound, and too outrageous not to be discussed.” said at the time.

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