Loafers with skirts, dresses and jeans: the trending combinations for spring

Loafers are the ideal footwear for spring, so here we will tell you how to combine them with pants, skirts, jeans and more so that you are the most stylish. If we can be sure of anything in the 21st century, it is that clothes and shoes have no gender!

Although for a long time loafers millennial style prescribers such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, They have disproved this precept and have shown us that loafers are just as HOT as XL platforms.

Don’t know how to combine your loafers? Don’t worry. At Glamor we made a rigorous selection of looks that you can be inspired by, take note!

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How to combine loafers with skirts, dresses and jeans?

Loafers with denim biker shorts

If there is someone who is our fashion inspo, it is Hailey Bieber. The founder of ‘Rhode’ has taught us her best tips that range from how to combine biker shorts to wear them everywhere, to how to wear a skirt and top set for a super formal event and still look like a boss!

Although his style is very varied, in recent months the loafers They have become the star shoes for the it girl, who even chooses to add a vest to her outfit with a blazer.


Add short socks like Hailey to give that cool touch to your look.

Loafers with white socks

One of the most aesthetic (and favorite) looks of the insta models is the one that includes white socks and loafers. An inspiration that you can take to the office, to a social event or simply to go shopping.

Instagram @chlosertoyou

Comfortable and very aesthetic! Loafers with white socks will continue to be the great bet of street style.

Loafers with stockings and dress

If there is a leading piece of this season, it is undoubtedly the stockings. If you add a patterned dress to this trend, it’s a perfect match!

Getty Images

Chiara Ferragni opts for XL loafers to stylize her figure.

Loafers with high-waisted jeans

One of our favorite jeans, which in addition to being comfortable add a lot of style to our outfit, are the high-waisted ones.

They are perfect for creating that 90s vibe that we love so much and they combine with absolutely everything. Take the risk of giving it an upgrade with low loafers!

©Getty Images

You can choose darker accessories for your look.

loafers with mini skirts

Forks! The mini skirts that conquered us in the it was Y2K they are worn in 2023 with a lot of style and loafers. Who said that a godin look has to be boring? You can choose key pieces and accessories to become a total motomami (even on a Monday morning).

Edward Berthelot

Printed mini skirt and loafers will be the street style trend.

Moccasins with colored socks

Another great bet to achieve a carefree but very cool look is adding a bit of color to your socks and letting the loafers become the absolute protagonists of your outfit.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Moccasins with vibrant colors will be a guaranteed 10/10.

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