look at the incredible mosaic some students made in the school yard

The work was carried out at the Instituto Nuestra Señores de Lourdes, located in Gran Bourg, located in the province of Buenos Aires.

bigotry for Lionel Messi he has no limits. In many cases, football fans choose to wear it on leather; others who devote hours to meeting him, or those who make incredible promises in his honor. Now, in honor of winning the 2022 Qatar World Cup, students at a school in Buenos Aires have decided to make an incredible mosaic using 90,000 plastic caps.

To draw attention to their work of art, course participants shared on TikTok (@sexxxto.com23_insl) a video of the process of creating a mural. There you can see the surface on which the students had to put each painted hat. As the end result of the whole creative process, you can see the image of 10 World Cup lifts, three stars, the Argentine flag and the phrase: “Thank you captain” along with a heart. In a matter of hours, the post gained over 250,000 views and over 20,000 likes.

The work was directed by the artist Sebastian Ramirez, who was responsible for coordinating the work of more than 100 students in the sixth grade of the school who took part in the project. Social networks supported the result, and many users emphasized the level of detail of the mosaic, as one could even see the tattoos on the arm with which Rosarino lifted the most valuable trophy in football.

As Ramirez explained in a dialogue with Clarín, the work has a supportive basis. “The idea of ​​creating such images appeared in 2011. Since 2010, there has been a campaign to collect hats for the Garrachan hospital and for the case of a girl named Malena in Grande Bourg. I tried to formulate it from an artistic point of view. it’s about creating characters” He said and recalled that in previous years they had done other characters such as Mario Bros.

Tapia dreams of Messi in 2026

Tomorrow the national team will go to the World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Claudio Tapia He said he was delighted with it Lionel Messi stay active and maybe take part in your sixth ecumenical contest.

“Messi always strives for more, he surprises. 2026? And you can imagine it. I would like it to be so. Under the conditions that he has, he can play in this World Cup. It depends on him, on his desire to continue to achieve victories,” the AFA President said.

On account of a resident of Rosario, five matches in the World Cup for Albiceleste. It debuted in Germany in 2006 and then was in South Africa in 2010, Brazil in 2014, Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022. He is the player with the most appearances in World Cup history with 26 appearances (15 wins, five draws and five losses). ). “I see him at the World Championships and playing in the position he wants. He can do it, and it will depend on him. I also dream about it. Now I’m thinking about qualifications, it’s still something wrong, these are games that I would like to play in another case,” explained “Chiki”, who, respecting one of the factions, was the one who received the captain of the team at the entrance to Ezeiza territory “Everyone wants to win the best in the world and we have it twice: because of the title and because you have it on the playing field,” he concluded.

The head of the AFA surprised with praise for Gerardo Martino. “If I had continued to play in the national team, we would have become world champions earlier. Perhaps in Russia-2018. And we would have won a lot more, because the positional change of generations on the playing field and in the squad has begun, ”he concluded.

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