Luis Fernando Suarez reveals details of his departure from Costa Rica

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The Colombian coach expressed his gratitude to the national team and Qatar’s exercises.

Luis Fernando Suarez and Keylor Navas in Costa Rica.
Photo: EFE

Luis Fernando Suarez ended his adventure with Costa Rica after qualifying for Qatar 2022 and qualifying for the World Cup where they qualified in the group stage despite having a chance of qualifying to the next round.

The results in the League of Nations Konkakaf did not support the strategist. In addition, the Federation has undergone changes at the administrative level, with a different vision that the Colombian strategist did not take into account.

In a conversation with El Vbar on Caracol Radio, Luis Fernando Suarez spoke in detail about his farewell to the Costa Ricans, as well as the lessons that participation in Qatar 2022 left him. He also praised Juan Pablo Vargas for everything that was done not only in the national team, but also in millionaires.


National teams

Leaving Costa Rica: When you arrive at the place, it was because they didn’t have good results. For this reason, there are changes, everyone comes to diagnose the situation, you must be careful to get to know Costa Rican football. This generational change was absent, there was a group of players who had to react after 2014.

They called young guys, without much experience, it worked out well. At the end of the World Cup, we had to follow this path. It was known that it hurts a little to grow up, to put young ones. Football is different now and you have to adapt, Costa Rica did well in defense, but there were shortcomings in attack. We discussed this situation with the president, he agreed, and we started looking for him this year.

Lessons from the World Cup: Qatar left me a lot, I couldn’t talk much about that first game. Spain, Japan, Germany and others that I have seen, there are a lot of things in football, it is fast. You need to prepare well, the requirements for creativity are different, it is more physical. You can’t stand still, it’s not just a talent in football.

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