Luis Rengifo continues to do his job for the good of the Angels (+Video)

While the Los Angeles Angels are having a hard time, the Venezuelans’ well-timed beaters are always ready to respond. And it was on this Sunday that Luis Rengifo joined his compatriot Eduardo Escobar to try and lead the team to victory.

The team, led by manager Phil Nevin, lost the first two games of the series to their divisional rivals the Oakland Athletics, in a move that no doubt continues to shatter their few hopes of fighting for a spot in the American Wild Card League.

Carabobo’s hit came at a moment when the Angels were losing by a slim margin. Early in the seventh inning, with one out and a full score, Rengifo hit the ball off pitcher Adrian Martinez, who landed in right center field.

In this way, the native prolongs his great moment of playing with the team. In his last seven games, he is hitting .444 with four home runs, four runs batted, seven RBIs, and 12 hits.

Those numbers need to be added to his scoring this season as he has a .258/.336/.434 offensive line in 122 games, with 14 doubles, four triples, 15 homers, 53 runs scored, 48 RBIs, six stolen bases. and 98 hits in 380 bits.

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