Luis Suarez depressed

After it was confirmed that the future Luis Suarez will stay in Brazil until the end of the season, it seems that the Uruguayan striker is currently not doing well. after reaching Brazil and have a big impact on Guild from the point of attack, present charrua They have put him in a situation where he is facing an unknown aspect: not scoring goals.

Put the conversion facing the target to give it some security, shooter He is currently going through his worst streak since he set foot on earth. Porto Alegre. A somewhat unsettling situation that not only does not cast anything negative on his side, but also draws attention to the low productivity that the team is offering him so that he can score again. There are four games in a row Luis Suarez unmarked on Braziliana streak that extends to six that accumulate between all competitions.

WITH Since his arrival in Brazil, 33 games have been played, with 13 goals in all competitions (and 9 assists).the Uruguayan’s last goal for Gremio was scored more than a month ago. June 25 against Coritiba, in a 5–1 win in which he also participated with an assist..

The latest results for the Tricolor, in fact, have not been favorable since June, when the drought began for their “nine”. Only one win in the seven games they have played since (six of them with former Barcelona and Atlético Madrid controversial minutes), failing to win as much in Brazilian Serie A how in Brazil Cup when Luis Suarez didn’t score.

In the last match, after losing 1-0 to inferior club Vasco do Gama, Luis Suarez again tried to scorebut once again he saw no help from the rest of his teammates and his scoreboard remained at 0. And the fact is, far from taking advantage of the world-class veteran striker, the situation Guild seems to drive the striker crazy, who in the meantime waits for his future thinking about his knees, a situation in which he wants to make the most of his time in Brazil by doing what he has always done best, scoring goals.

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