Luis Suarez has only nine days left to arrive at Inter Miami.

Seeing the football revolution brought about by Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami, Luis Suarez seems ready to emigrate from Brazil to Florida, but he only has nine days to get his contract with the Guild terminated.

Although the club, where David Beckham is a major partner, is interested in signing a contract with the Uruguayan striker, Time is running out because Major League Soccer signings are closing on August 2 next year, and there’s nothing concrete yet with El Pistolero.

News spread from Brazil that The Gremio board of directors is determined to force the Uruguayan striker to fulfill the terms of a labor contract until December next year.

Knowing about the interest that exists in the United States to attract their star player, the directors of the brazilian team put pressure on him to agree to stay in the institution, this is against his will, Well, seeing as how much fun he could have in Miami with at least three of his former Barcelona teammates, he just wants to pay compensation out of his own pocket so that he can regain his freedom.

However, since the striker’s value is around $4,000,000 on the international transfer market, there is a $70,000,000 transfer clause in his Guild contract. if any club is interested in his transfer.

now also They are willing to accept Suarez himself to cover breach of contract compensation, but in that case they will force him to sign a legal obligation not to sign with any other team until the end of the year.what the player himself refuses to do.

For now, it has been decided that the striker will not be included in the squad for this weekend’s Grêmio duel against Atlético Mineiro.

News spread unofficially in Brazil that Inter Miami were willing to offer up to $10,000,000. transfer Suarez, and it only depends on whether Miami management agrees to this proposal.

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