Lupita, an orange seller from downtown Veracruz, has gone viral online.

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VERACRUZ, SEE. – A facebook photo gallery shared frequently in groups since last week city ​​of Veracruz. main character Dona LupitaExpensive orange seller, well known in the central area of ​​the city, where it sells citrus fruits, despite its advanced age and health problems. Users on networks invite other people to buy their product.

Despite being 80 years old and some health problems, lupita He arrives on time with his cart loaded with peeled oranges and sits in front of the Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion Cathedral, located on Calle Mario Molina in the Centro district, in Veracruz CityWhere She is already known by clients and passers-by who describe her as a kind and gentle person.

With money from the sale oranges with chili peppers, which for an extra 3 pesos you can accompany with chili powder, Lupita pays some of her own expenses. This touched the client, who decided to share a photo gallery of her work on her Facebook profile. lupitaand thus invite those near Independence Street to buy oranges at lupita.

The post has received more than 8 thousand reactions and continues to spread among facebook groups belonging Port of Veracruz.

“Let’s see the fleet, we all know her,” says the user.

Lupita and her sorrows

It’s not the first time lupita goes viral on social mediaIn fact, he is a very famous person and from time to time his story becomes social media trendbecause at the age of more than 84, he continues a good deed, even despite his illnesses.

She suffers from epilepsy and sometimes had seizures during the sale, causing her to fall to the ground and get injured.

Last December, on New Year’s Eve, Lupita had to be transferred to Veracruz Specialist Hospital (HAEV) due to a leg injurycaused by an ulcer resulting from a lack of control over diabetes suffering.

just about this lupita was present thanks to the person who noticed her absence and asked for her whereabouts until he found her. Unfortunately, he found her at home with a leg injury, but thanks to the intervention of a client, Lupita might have been present.


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