MACAULAY CULKIN | What happened to Macaulay Culkin? This is the new life of the boy from “Home Alone”

For many, Macaulay Culkin he embodied one of the most iconic characters in modern cinema. Boy with an angelic face ‘Alone at home’ – an old acquaintance in homes around the world, where every year, especially in Christmasmovie with little Kevin McAllister returns to give viewers an interesting day on the couch.

After the film revolution 90 with their roles in the genre comedyCulkin will end up in excesses and he will have a hard fight with drugs; dependence, which is now 43 years recently met, can boast of what they left behind.

Abuses and excesses

The life of this actor was marked by his childhood because of a bad relationship with him parents. grew up in humble apartment from New York, where episodes of abuse were frequent, Culkin had to deal with litigation against their parents, who, after separating in 1995, disputed a fortune of 20 million dollars.

Even though the child 14 years received at the time prevail in court, these events sentenced him to death. bad life over the next years. Alcohol, drugs And prostitution were the reason that Culkin continued to grace the covers of many magazines, where the image decadent replaced the boy who was many years ago. They didn’t help either. family tragedies what he had to go through after the death of his sisters Dakota And Adamson as a result of a collision and an overdose, respectively.


After a long struggle with addiction to heroin And benzodiazepinesit seems that Culkin has achieved rehabilitate fully. Already in 2018appeared with an updated appearance in the show Ellen DeGenereswhere he admitted that he was very lucky with his new life.

Currently, the actor is still associated with the world of cinema. show as director of the American network humor and sometimes participating in productions such as “American Horror Story”. He also lives happily with his partner, an actress. Brenda Songwith whom he met a little less than two years ago first child.

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