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    Acting has always been a part of life Madelyn Cline. Since she was little, she has worked in front of the cameras, first in commercials and later with very supporting roles in series like stranger things (appears fleetingly in two episodes of the third season). Her big break came in 2018, when she was cast as part of the cast of Outer Banks, a Netflix series released in April 2020 where she gives life to the character of Sarah Cameron. Fiction served as a springboard to participate in other projects and in 2021 he managed to find a place among the powerful casting of Daggers in the back: the mystery of Glass Onionwhere he shared the screen with Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson or Edward Norton.

    glass onion a knives out mystery 2022 lr janelle monáe as andi, and madelyn cline as whiskey cr john wilsonnetflix © 2022

    Madelyn Cline wears a cut-out Cult Gaia dress for most of the “Glass Onion” movie


    In this second installment of daggers in the backhe put himself in the shoes of Whiskey, a influencers which seems much more innocent and superficial than it is. Searches for her name skyrocketed when the movie hit Netflix on December 25. Her presence in the film, where she appears during almost all the footage with a dress with openings from the firm Cult Gaia, caught the attention of the public and fashionistas were quick to start analyzing their outfits, created by costume designer Jenny Eagan. But the truth is that Madelyn Cline’s off-screen looks are also worth commenting on.

    los angeles, california november 14 madelyn cline attends the premiere of glass onion a knives out mystery at academy museum of motion pictures on november 14, 2022 in los angeles, california photo by jon kopaloffgetty images

    In a Versace design at the “Glass Onion” presentation in Los Angeles

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    In recent months, the evolution of 25-year-old Madelyn Cline’s style is easy to see. To the designs that she has used frequently, close to the trends two thousand, in recent times he has begun to introduce more adult proposals, cuts far from fitted silhouettes and combinations with an experimental point. Since a time ago works with stylist Mimi Cuttrella heavyweight in the sector and creator of the looks of icons like Gigi Hadid or Adriana Grande, among other celebrities. And the Cuttrell touch, which has long defined Hailey Baldwin’s style, shows in Madelyn Cline’s wardrobe.

    new york, new york november 23 madelyn cline is seen in the east village on november 23, 2022 in new york city photo by gothamgc images

    In a monochrome look by Alexandre Vauthier

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    Throughout the promotion of Glass Onionthe actress has advocated for spectacular designs for the big red carpets, in contrast to the somewhat more discreet outfits that he has worn in press conferences or interviews. At the world premiere of the film, held in Los Angeles in November 2022, she opted for the sensuality of a green dress by Versacea piece that combined velvet and beading with an asymmetrical neckline and a large side slit that exposed one of the legs.

    new york, new york november 22 madelyn cline is seen in the east village on november 22, 2022 in new york city photo by gothamgc images

    Off the red carpet, the mix of styles works as an innovative formula

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    Vintage pieces and contrast of style

    Perhaps her work as an actress, accustomed to interpreting all kinds of roles, will help her to look just as good in a monochrome set of a satin dress and slits (like the green model in Alexandre Vauthier that she wore on the Jimmy Fallon show) than a look made up of a wide jumper and a sequined skirt, as she was photographed in New York.

    When she decides on classics like the black dress, she surprises with alternatives that version of the conventional black dress by playing with the volume of the neckline (Tom Ford), adding feathers to the garment (Givenchy) or betting on options with draping and openings (Victoria Beckham). Normally, it is usually opted for fitted silhouettes that highlight your curves, but it is not limited to this cut. More than once, you have chosen loose-fitting garments or even oversized. In one of his last appearances, at an event for Stella McCartney, we could see it with a wide gray suit that she combined with an original metallic top.

    los angeles, california february 02 madelyn cline attends the stella mccartney x adidas party at henson recording studio on february 02, 2023 in los angeles, california photo by axellebauer griffinfilmmagic

    Oversized silhouettes, like the one in this Stella McCartney suit, are no challenge for Cline

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    Cline hasn’t resisted the success of the vintage pieces and demonstrated once again her eclectic style by perfectly defending a pink minidress from st laurent, combined with leather gloves and stockings. Or a powdery minidress from gucci, also belonging to past collections. Before the premiere of Glass Onionthe fashion industry had already detected the potential of the interpreter as a benchmark of style, her presence in parades of Isabel Marant, Salvatore Ferragamo or Lacoste, have left evidence of the chameleon character of Cline.

    london, england october 15 editors note this image has been altered magazines were blurred out madelyn cline attends the netflix reception, hosted by ted sarandos, during the bfi london film festival, at chiltern firehouse on october 15, 2022 in london, england photo by david m benettdave benettgetty images for netflix

    Madelyn Cline in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent design

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    Beauty ‘made in Hollywood’

    The make-up artist for Selena Gomez, Julianne Moore or Florence Pugh (another of the great breaths of fresh air on the red carpet), hung vanngo, also works with Madelyn Cline. And as with the way she dresses, the beauty look of the actress has also been transformed in recent years. For a start, He has gone from a light brown to a California blonde mane. Her updos have become more sophisticated and, along with Y2K hairstyles, more natural options are beginning to be seen, with her hair blowing in the wind as a great resource. The ultra-polished chignon that the GenZ loves coexists with innovative up-dos that go a step beyond the trends. The makeup reflects a marked nineties aesthetic. She almost always chooses to focus attention on her eyes, with lips of subtle color in pink or earth tones. The eyeliner is a hallmark in almost all of his appearances, a line that allows you to further tear your gaze and achieve that effect. fox eyes so coveted today. When he advocates natural beauty, he changes the order and focuses attention on the lips. In any case, he always achieves a glamorous result typical of beauties. made in hollywood.

    To follow in the professional footsteps of the promising Madelyn Cline, we will have to wait for the premiere of the third season of Outer Banks. The series in which he stars on Netflix, whose plot revolves around a group of teenagers looking for a mysterious treasure related to the disappearance of the father of one of them, will return to the platform with new episodes in the coming months. And if her style has dazzled you, we may see her as a guest in some of the fashion week shows in February, where she will surely once again demonstrate her potential as a centennial fashion reference.

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