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Collaboration between artists is always a success. Imagine Collaboration Maluma and Karol G.. This is more than what many followers of both sides are asking for, but it is taking longer than expected. Both are two of the most talented singers in today’s music industry and their songs, despite being very different in terms of musical style, continue to be heard and danced around the world.

The Colombian singer has just released his sixth album. ‘Don Juan’an album that he had been preparing for two years and which, as he noted, “I gave him part of my heart”. The album was very well received by the public, which made it clear that Maluma was having a very good personal and professional moment. From my side, Selena Gomez He recently released his new song “Single Coming Soon”‘, a single produced by Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat that captivated their fans and we leave you with these lines for you to enjoy. A mixture of two musical styles could be a “boom” and surprise everyone, but it seems like you want to beg.

Maluma admitted that from time to time he tried to fulfill this fantasy for many, but without much success. The Colombian noted on the television program Entertainment Tonight that he had spoken to Selena Gomez. However, they did not reach any port, and the translator ‘Love you like A Love SongI stop answering. The Colombian is a fan of Selena Gomez and has repeatedly stated that he is a fan of the artist. “If I get the chance to work with her, it will be fantastic. If not, I’m still here and working.”noted about a possible collaboration with a talented international artist.

Rejection of Selena Malume

Selena Gomez’s opinion of Maluma changed slightly in 2016. Maluma released his song “Cuatro Babys”. A single that many disliked because of the lyrics and greatly disappointed the American singer.. “I can’t believe that an artist of the stature of Maluma is performing a song with complete success against the women who are his main followers. He did a lot of damage to those who actually make their music. With his talent he doesn’t. You must feel the need to resort to these methods.“Selena talked about the song and Maluma.

Selena’s long-awaited collaboration with Maluma will complement many of the singer’s other performances with artists of her style. Among them, for example ‘HEY Can’t Get Enough” with J. Balvin; “Dance with me” with Rau Alejandro; or “Taki-Taki” with Cardi B and Ozuna. For his part, Maluma, despite the fact that he (so far) has not been able to achieve cooperation with Selena, has many other projects with famous artists. – “Blackmail” with Shakira; “Medellin” with Madonna; or “Trust Me” with Carol J.

IN megastar, where we put you the best songs, we join the long list of fans who want to hear this duet together and look forward to this moment. From here, we’re keeping a close eye on each of their next steps and the clues they leave about their future to be able to tell you about it.

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