Man tragically dies at Mexican band concert

Alberto Clavijo, young photographer fell from the fourth floor during an event RBD.

Man tragically dies at Russian Railways event

Man tragically dies at RBD event | Fountain: Spreading

The event took place on July 19 RBD to announce his alliance with a liquor brand. Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Christopher Uckermann And Sweet Mary they performed at the press conference as a fan prelude to the upcoming tour. However, the band’s commitment was shaken by the tragic death of a young man on the set.

Photographer dies at RBD event

Event RBD was marked by tragedy when a 32-year-old Spanish photographer died on the spot. This news made her know Daniel Bisogno V “Window”who commented that it was his friend named Alberto Clavijo.

“My dear friend passed away in such a tragic way. He falls from four floors and there is no way to get to the fourth floor, because it was a building where everything was turned off, then a friend appeared with whom he was with, and he could not see what was happening.the leader began.

“He was taken in an ambulance and died on arrival at the hospital. A friend who was with him said he felt like he was breathing and told him, “Hey, don’t go, don’t go to bed.” Bisonno continued. Finally, he added: “I’m curious that no one has commented on anything so far.”

RBD manager response

On the other hand, the brand smirnov issued a statement in which he expressed regret about this, but also clarified that he did not bear any responsibility in organizing the event.

On the other side, Paul smokedmanager RBD, He made his statement on social networks and stated that they were only engaged in a marketing campaign.

“Neither my company nor I had NOTHING to do with the organization of the event. As part of the team, we are negotiating advertising and MKT campaigns with talent only. Our deepest condolences to family and friends.”Ahumada wrote on Twitter.

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