Manchester City – Sevilla: result and goals

In the second period
Manchester He continued to press and landed a great side cross with
Rodri led to both
Palmers this settled the dispute. Both teams continued to attack,
Manchester dominator before
Seville a kicker who went on a penalty shootout.

From eleven meters
Gudel the last penalty hit the crossbar, and with it the illusion that the Sevilla team was once again closer to European glory.

Rakitic: “We fought, we knew that we would have to suffer. Too bad we can’t take the trophy home. It’s a pity, but we will try to reach the final again.” “It still hurts to lose the final. We wanted the cup more than they did, but we have to make it easy for them.” “We’ll be with Bono, whatever he decides.”

Joan Jordan: “Having lost defeat, it’s hard to be positive.” “Everyone’s efforts have been incredible and we will have to fight together all season.”

Manchester City |

Seville |
Jesus Navas

The Serbian defender hit the crossbar.

Manchester City is the champion!

Powerful shot to the left post
Walker who will guess
Connection but he can’t block.

The World Champion scores a penalty that equalizes the result.

English does not fail before
Connection which at the last moment was repulsed to the right.

don’t stop
Ederson Who even guesses the site.

Croatian doesn’t fail before
Connection. I hit hard, licking the left post.

Another penalty for a team that can’t stop

Unstoppable blow to the right side

The fine is attributed to
Haaland you can’t stop

Hard and Russian blow to the right post
Connection who failed to stop the African goalkeeper.

The Norwegian hugs the ball.
Connection it is placed between three sticks.

The penalty shootout starts at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium!

Ball possession: 70% – 30%

Goal attempts: 23-8

Shots on goal: 7 – 4

Angles: 8 – 0

Violations: 5–14

Yellow cards: 0–3
Red cards:
0 – 0

Total passes: 672 – 233

Passes completed: 603 – 179

Attacks: 158 – 46

Dangerous attacks: 110 – 22

Complete the game at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium! Let’s go to the penalty shootout!

get out |
En-Nesiri, Lamela

login |
Rafael Mir, Suso

Juanlu Sanchez receives a yellow card for stepping on his foot
Guardiol very close to the area.

Last cut
ocampos to prevent promotion
Julian Alvarez this is a prime example.

The cramps are starting to show up!

exit |
Cole Palmer

Login |
Julian Alvarez

Very good minutes in attack for the Andalusian national team.

exit |
Jesus Navas

Login |

for now,
Guardiola still no change.

exit |
Oliver Torres

Login |
Juanlu Sanchez

Both teams go to the benches to drink water and get some air.

Youth composition of
Manchester sit down
coin an excellent feint, then to look for a target
Connection with a big hit.

Stop Bono!

The Moroccan striker fails again against the magnificent

The tables are back on the scoreboard!

Manchester City 1 – 1 Sevilla

lick it receives a yellow card for an illegal knockdown

Very fast exit with command places
Jose Luis Mendilibar ending with a cut inside the region

Great opposition initiated
ocampos who travels and leaves with an excellent pass only
in Nesiri in front of the opposing goalkeeper. The Moroccan’s shot is unsuccessful, but the Brazilian goalkeeper’s save is very good.

Sevilla forgave the second!

The second half will start at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium!

Manchester City |

Seville |
in Nesiri

Ball possession: 72% – 28%

Goal attempts: 9 – 4

Shots on goal: 3-1

Angles: 4-0

Faults: 1–9

Yellow cards: 0–1

Red cards: 0 – 0

Total passes: 352 – 125

Passes completed: 320 – 100

Attacks: 79 – 20

Dangerous attacks: 43 – 7

The first half ends in Greece with an instant victory for the Greek national team.
Seville who knows how to suffer
Manchester at the time of the crash, the situation changed from less to more. box
Pep Guardiola was outmatched in the initial campaigns by a bold team with very clear ideas, such as the one he led
Jose Luis Mendilibar. So far the only goal is a header
in Nesiri to the previous millimeter of the center
coin. He
Manchesteryou have to make changes to try to find a connection,
Sevillemaintain the solidity and defensive order of the first period.

Let’s see what the other half has in store for us!

Relax at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium!

At the moment, the Spanish team has done a great job on the transition to the defense.

Rodri turn around with the leather on the edge of the platform in search of a partner and
Joan Jordan he makes a mistake and hits the ankle of a Spanish international.

bade receives a yellow card after stopping the race
Haaland who was gaining meters at breakneck speed on the French central defender. Previous step
Rodri between the lines, great.

inside the aisle
Oliver Torres For
lick it looks for the stick farthest from the goaltender to try to hit the second one. However, the blow misses.


Sevilla ahead!

Manchester City 0 – 1 Sevilla

Both teams go to the benches to drink water and get some air.

kneading fists
Connection to the center
Cole Palmer what’s left at the feet
Guardiol. The Croatian left-footed centre-back strikes with his right foot from afar, and the ball goes well over the Sevilla goal.

Ready to head
ake that the Moroccan goalkeeper kicks the ball from a corner.

Squeeze Pep Guardiola’s team!

Shot from the front of the youth squad site
Manchester who comes with little power in his hands
Connection. The Moroccan stops without problems.

Good minutes from Seville!

ball loss
Akanji three-quarters of the territory from Seville, which creates a dangerous opportunity.
lick itfrom afar, makes a shot that goes away with little force, licking the stick.

Start the game at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium!

Handrails, away lottery and… Let’s start the final!

Manchester He doesn’t have any
European Super Cup in their record, and the Andalusian team won it once.

From my side,
Jose Luis Mendilibar, arrives with two wounded in the Greek fiefdom. Wounded
Tangy Nianzou And
Ferdinand they cannot be agreed upon by a coach born in Zaldibar

The referee who will direct the match will be
François Letexierwho will be assisted
Mr. Jérôme Brisard.

BENCH | Dmitrovic, Quique Salas, Montiel, Adria Pedrosa, Gattoni, Juanlu Sanchez, Djibril Sow, Manu Bueno, Papu Gomez, Tecatito Corona, Rafa Mir, Suso.

BENCH | Carson, Ortega, Ruben Diaz, Rico Lewis, Stones, Sergio Gomez, Laporte, Calvin Phillips, Oscar Bobb, Perrone, James Macati, Julian Alvarez.


The collision can be seen live
Movistar+ Champions Leaguealthough this narrative can be followed every minute.
Sports world.

For his part, he
Seville comes from losing in his stadium against him
Valencia in a duel marked by a magnificent match of the players formed in Paterna and a new position
diahabi. the Frenchman and
Javi Guerra they scored at chess.
in Nesiri after the big center
Suso He scored against Sevilla, who equalized at the time.

The British want to repeat or even improve the result of the previous season. That’s what I came for
Matthew Kovacic coming from
Chelsea replace the march
Gundogan And
Guardiol from
Leipzig German.

The Andalusian team has included three players, although more moves are expected in the coming days. The team from Sevilla exercised the option to buy
Loic Bade and purchased property from
Adria Pedrosa after termination of the contract with
Spanish already
Jibril Sow coming from
Eintracht Frankfurt.

Manchester And
Seville today they contest their duel corresponding to the final
European Super Cup in that
Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium.
Manchesterchampion of the historical trio, including the desired
UEFA Champions Leaguefaces today
UEFA Europa Leaguedespite a poor league campaign. The meeting will start at 21:00 and in this preview we will tell you everything that happens before it starts.

Great match ahead of us. Let’s start!

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