Manchester City Transfers | Another way to replace Riyad Mahrez

Pep Guardiola is delighted with the project, which he manages in full. Manchester that keeps the ambition under the flag. With hints of a summer market session in 2023, it will set about incorporating a new member into its vanguard. And the reason is more than obvious.

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Based on information collected Athleticthe search for an heir is intensified Riyad Mahrez (32 years old) who landed in Saudi Arabia. That’s why he follows the profile Michael Oliz (21 years old)promising winger playing for crystal palace.

XXL investment that Manchester City will make for Yosko Guardiola

Michael Olize, investment of 58 million euros

A huge offer looms on the radars of Arsenal and Chelsea for the remainder of this summer transfer period. Concerning sky blues, you know what a high price you have to pay for Oliz. All this because his price in the London team is skyrocketing. 58 million euros.

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So the new champion Premier League and Europe is aware of the effort it will have to make to convince Eagles for his treasure. Keeping up with tough competition gunners And BluesGuardiola’s City will get closer to Olise in order to forget Mahrez as soon as possible.

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