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The start of the season at Manchester United This is not what many expected, because, in addition to poor results, problems off the field are again appearing in the bosom of England. This was first due to an alleged breakup between team coach Eric Ten Hag and Jadon Sancho, one of the team’s stars, and later due to scandal that Anthony, The Brazilian player of the team played a major role.

Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sao Paulo the midfielder was investigated for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin after a video was published with the attacks of a football player on a model, where, due to an injury, he even exposed the bones of Cavallin’s fingers.

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Gabriela herself recognized for Brazilian justice a permanent temper tantrums that Antony had during their relationshipHowever, on that occasion, he was more cruel than ever, even going so far as to threaten death:

“Antony closed the door of the house and did not let me out, and my finger was open, all in pain. He broke my things, took my passport. His mother and stepfather even locked him in the football field. In his living room was a football field surrounded by a fence. He was upset, tried to leave the field anyway, threw a soccer ball at me, threw a cell phone at me. He said he was going to kill me, that he was going to commit suicide.”

for now Antonia has already been expelled from the Brazilian concentration on a FIFA date next weekend and is waiting to see what happens to his situation, first because of the hidden possibility of going to jail, and then because of the measures that his club, Manchester United, will take against her club.

Manchester United have already sanctioned aggressive players

Not only are the Red Devils one of the biggest clubs in world football, but they also have a knack for applying strong sanctions when their players commit off-field fouls, as well as in matters such as domestic violence.

Just be aware of the punishment inflicted on your jewel. Mason Greenwoodwho, as a result of allegations of domestic violence, was suspended by the club for 20 months and just a few days ago he was sent to another club so he could restart his career.

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