Mane’s adviser at Bayern: “They were worried about this salary of an African”

Bakary Cisse, Senegalese footballer’s press consultant Sadio Manedeclared this Wednesday against Bavariahis client’s former team, assuring that the German club never liked that an African player in the squad was paid so well.

Talking to RMC SportCissé explained that the racism of the managers and some elements of the first team was the reason why Mane left the club.

“The people in charge of Bayern were worried because they didn’t understand why they had to pay this guy this amount of money. Many German football players were offended by Mane’s contract, they did not understand how an African could earn more than them. .”

Salary Sadio Mane in the monarchist Bundesliga it was 18 million euros per season.

Cisse also mentioned Manet’s fight with Leroy Saneone of his teammates at Bayern who he hit in the dressing room a few months ago.

“Sadio Mane is very calm and he showed it everywhere he played. In this case, Sane has pushed the boundaries of what is possible. A lot was said when the fight happened and the German press sided with Sané.”

Al Nasr, a new adventure

Mane came a year ago to Bavaria in the transfer of 35 million euros from Liverpool and he had two more years left on his contract with the Bavarians.

Despite this, the star Senegal chose to accept the offer of a millionaire Al Nasr Saudi Pro League, the team he currently plays for and a teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

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