Manfred highlights privateering, but sees abuse in collections

When taking stock of the Corso de Corsos, the mayor Manfred Reyes Villa highlighted yesterday the economic contribution of the grand entrance for sectors such as the hotelier. However, he questioned the cost of the tickets.

“After several years due to the pandemic issue, we have had a complete Corso de Corsos with the participation of all Bolivian departments, including our Armed Forces, and we have seen the large number of people who have attended and that also means strengthening economical,” he said.

It is estimated that the privateering generated an economic movement of 7 million dollars and the arrival of more than 60 thousand people, including attendees and dancers.

The Mayor said that in 2024 they will seek to better control the sale of sites to the public, because the municipality awards the spaces at a reasonable price, but the merchants offer them for up to 300 bolivianos.

“An issue that seems wrong to me is that it cannot be that the stalls are sold for 200 and 300 bolivianos. We sell at a reasonable price; Of course they place their stands, but it is not to abuse. A family of four people has to pay 800”, she questioned.

On social networks, people commented on the poor organization and lack of control of the stands.

“It is one thing to charge in advance and another to provide the service for that charge. The organizers should be on the whole journey. The strange thing is that there was a drone, that suggests that the organizers were in another one,” commented Luis C.

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