Marcelo Barticciotto hit the table with a powerful critique of the Black and White administration: “Let the people come so the club grows.”

The former football player of the “Eternal Champion” threw stones at the management of the joint-stock company that currently manages the club.

It is no secret that Kolokolino fans have some discontent against Black and whitewho began to manage Colo-Coloafter bankruptcy Social sports club in 2002. The club has had great teams since then, but has also experienced tumultuous moments such as the relegation fight in 2020.

in a programme ESPN F90 spoke with the head of the lower divisions Argentine juniors, who told some formulas by which players are trained. After that, a debate of the People’s Administration arose, where Marcelo Barticotto He was one of the most critical of the concession.

“Is this a team with a higher hierarchy than before? No, absolutely not. Is it a team with more infrastructure than before? No. Is it a team with a bigger name than before? No. So they put the past aside and let people come in so the club can grow. What are they doing there? I don’t understand”.

Dante Poli also participated in the debate, who pointed out that one had to be careful and stated that outrageous sums such as ten million dollars could not be invested. Before which “Barty” requested a large investment. “Not ten million, but three or four. The club has not grown at all in twenty years. The club hasn’t grown at all, quite the contrary.”

Finally, the seven people ended their speeches with a call to invest in the lower divisions. “In big clubs you make money, let’s not… If you don’t make money in Colo-Colo, or U, or Catholic, it’s because you run the club very badly. If you can’t compete internationally, if you can’t buy expensive players, invest in your lower division, what talent is there, and you can get players.”

We remind you that the provision Black and white in administration Colo-Colo It will last until 2025. Cacique’s board of directors currently consists of two members. Social sports cluband the remaining seven members are businessmen belonging to Checkpoint and Meuse.

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