Marcelo Polino debuted -1 in dancing: who suffered it

Marcelo Polino delivered his first -1 in the debut of the new pair of tournament participants. Dance 2023 due to the weak level that he saw and became a trend. “You can’t take two steps in a row“, an unforgiving member of the jury destroyed the famous woman after her performance, to which the tribune reproached her with a rude answer with a sharp “tomatela”.

Last Friday, Dancing The first week on air has ended since he returned to the small screen – this time via America TV– and ended with a spicy program. The thing is Marcelo Polino showed off his glory irreconcilable jury and debuted his palette negative score with a celebrity debut on the country’s most famous dance floor.

After weeks of promoting herself as a model, influencer and businesswoman, the Uruguayan’s first presentation took place. Fernanda Sosa in a programme Marcelo Tinelli It wasn’t as favorable as he wanted. The first one to destroy the couple was Angel de Brito, who gave them a painful 0 rating.noting that the best thing about the dance is that it is over.

In its turn, Pampita and Moria Kazan were something more friendly with the Uruguayan: the model gave her a secret score, and La Huan did the same with 3. But the hardest thing was when it was her turn to give the answer to Marcelo Polino. Taking advantage of his reputation as a demanding juror, the journalist began: “It happens that he made so much noise before going on the court… He said that he was Beckham’s coach… so I had expectations“.

Then you said that you are a model, but you are a Tik Tok model because you can’t take two steps in a row… It’s all very ugly!“, Polino continued in his very hard comeback. True to his style, the entertainment journalist surprised everyone with the rating he gave Fernanda Sosa: “This is a double disappointment. I’ll have to do some inauguration with you. My rating this time tonight is -1. debt todayThis left the Uruguayan with the worst result so far, as she added just 2 points compared to Thomas Holder’s 5.

Julieta Poggio’s desperate plea: “We must be strong”

Juliet Poggio actress, model and dancer, best known as a former member Big Brother (Telefe). After leaving the most famous house in the country, the 21-year-old girl received great recognition in the media, and here’s why He made a desperate request to Marcelo Tinelli.who currently heads Dance 2023 (Telefe). Through her social networks, Julieta told her subscribers what her greatest wish is today.

Since Poggio left the reality show, many job opportunities have come up. He is currently participating in a theater performance. Choking cough, directed by renowned theater director José Maria Muscari, and her singing career is on the rise. However, There is one more goal that remains unresolved: to become part of Dancing. Although Tinelli contacted her, she was unable to meet the participation schedule and for this reason made one last request to the driver.

Coty Romero, Alexis “El Conejo” Quiroga, Romina Urig, Juliana Diaz and Thomas Holder are former “Little Brothers” who are currently competing in the dance competition. Julieta spoke to her followers live on Instagram, and when they asked her if she would dance a trio with any of the participants, she replied: “I want to do this, we need to see if they will let me, we have to be strong.He then detailed what he would like to do: “I would like to train Kata, who works with Lourdes Sanchez or Barbie Reali.”

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