Marcelo Tinelli is back with Dancing 2023 and the memes were for a Barbie-style presentation.

Memes did not miss the opportunity to refer to Dancing 2023

Memes did not miss the opportunity to refer to Dancing 2023

After a long wait, finally this Monday Marcelo Tinelli landed with dancing 2023 on the screen America. As always, this show, with its usual technical display, with its spectacular opening and with its parade of famous figures, both established and new, was an active generator memes in social networks.

Unexpected statement of the artist during the presentation of Bailando 2023

As is often the case when a very popular event starts on screen, users X they didn’t miss a single detail of the first broadcast Dancing this year and everything else has been the occasion for the usual jokes and irony that circulate in the Internet universe.

This year, the most popular dance competition on Argentine television will take place 30 pairs consists of celebrities Among them there are Noelia Pompa, who returns to the track after several seasons and was responsible for opening the program during its huge American debut. The presentation, which included the two-time champion of the program, had everything, and also, otherwise, there was ready-made material for memes.

True to form and in classic style, Tinelli applied for introduction to a combination of strings like alphaFilm about Barbie and América TV’s conductors, provided with pre-written voices to call for the arrival of the conductor.

Dance 2023: Tribute to Messi and Qatar champions

As it was, so it turned out Ken -character played by Ryan Gosling -where he mentioned celebrity casting for the role dancing 2023. And, as expected, also dubbed Barbie – who swept through the theaters in the performance of Margot Robbie – applying for the role of a dancer.

Social media used images of Morya Kasan, Married, has children and even from Mattel’s own doll for a link to the presentation of the program.

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