March releases on Mubi: La La Land, Bowie, Jim Jarmusch

The month of March celebrates at best movies of the year and MUBI, the streaming platform, presents award-winning films Oscars and a German feminist film series to commemorate the Women’s Day, as Glass Life, the first woman to make a feature film from Saudi Arabia under the title WADJDA. Here we leave you all the premieres.

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The short film of Sarah Cwynar describes how we live under constant surveillance without the privacy necessary to educate ourselves in front of a world of images, using a series of collage-like montages with visuals of food, works of art, political figures, Instagram models, accompanied by two voices in off citing an essay on social media. *March 1st

March releases on Mubi: La La Land, Bowie, Jim Jarmusch 1

First Cuban film directed by a woman, IN A CERTAIN WAY of Sara Gomez combines fiction and documentary to offer a complex critique of machismo, patriarchal society and class violence in a post-revolutionary Cuba, through a love story on the outskirts of Havana. *March, 15th


Starring Best Actress Oscar® nominee Andrea Riseborough, accompanied by a special performance by Demi Moore, PLEASE BABY PLEASE (2022) is the new movie of Amanda Kramer, a love letter to the eccentricity of cinema that explores desire, gender identities and the hidden sexualities of its characters. *March 31st


The debut of Lea Mysiuswinner of the SACD Critics’ Choice Award at Cannes in 2017, arrives on MUBI this month. AVA is a seductive exploration of female sexuality and adolescent fears, an infectious mix of dazzling colors, humor, and the dreamy melancholy of the transformative summer of a young woman who discovers she is doomed to gradually lose her sight. *23 of March

Feminist movies that you can watch on streaming

March releases on Mubi: La La Land, Bowie, Jim Jarmusch 4

Starring the magnificent Adele Exarchopoulos and by a cast made up of real flight attendants, the directors emmanuel marre and Julie Lecoustre produce a vulnerable and sensitive study on grief and the reality of an “Instagram-worthy” lifestyle, which tells the story of Cassandra, a 26-year-old flight attendant who lives from day to day and goes to party without caring about tomorrow. *March 24th


In March, MUBI is pleased to present a special dedicated to Jim Jarmusch, one of the most important figures of independent cinema in the United States. Author of idiosyncratic films that go beyond the conventional narrative structure and capture the charm of everyday life, starting with the classics. PERMANENT VACATION and STRANGER THAN PARADISE. *March 25th


The spotlight dedicated to the Danish director “Chaos Reigns: The Films of Lars von Trier” is expanded with the arrival of three new feature films. THE IDIOTSone of the first Dogme 95 movies, DANCER IN THE DARKstarring Björk and THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONSa feature film that brings together five remakes of the short film THE PERFECT HUMAN (1967) from Jørgen Leth. *March 18th

Close, nominated for Best Foreign Film, premieres on Mubi


On International Women’s Day, we present a series of films that offer an overview of feminist cinema in Germany from the 1960s to the 1990s. Seeking to break with the masculine canon, restorations of works by female directors such as Ula Stockl, who directed West Germany’s first feminist film, explore women’s place as mothers within patriarchal families, women’s professional independence, sexual liberation and political struggles, reflecting the concerns of the feminist movement at the time. *March 8


This month we’re rolling out the red carpet to present a selection of Oscar®-winning and nominated films, in addition to films already available on MUBI come exciting titles including ELEPHANT-MANthe film with the most nominations David Lynch, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN of simon curtis, THE GRADUATE of Mike Nicholsand LA LA LANDthe tape Damien Chazelle nominated in 14 categories including best picture, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. *March 12


Haifaa al-Mansourthe first woman to direct a feature film from Saudi Arabia, made her debut with the acclaimed WADJDA, the story of a 10-year-old girl who lives in a suburb of Riyadh and dreams of owning a bicycle, but is forbidden by law. This extremely important work, which touches on the reality of women in Saudi Arabia in a neorealist key, had its world premiere at the 2012 Venice International Film Festival, where it won three awards, was nominated for Best Film at the 2012 BAFTA Awards and it was also Saudi Arabia’s first nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars®. *March 13


THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH introduces us to a David Bowie in his first role for the big screen. In this science fiction drama, a human-like alien, played by Bowie, travels to Earth in order to get water to save life on his planet. *March, 19

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Before directing GOING (2013) and COLD WAR (2018) the acclaimed director Pawel Pawlikowski adapted the novel by Douglas Kennedy. A mysterious romantic thriller with surreal touches, starring ethan hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas.*March 26th


Kathryn Bigelowthe first woman to win the Oscar® Best Director statuette, builds a classic police drama with the story of a psychopath who falls in love with the police who are after him.

Starring the great Jamie Lee Curtis, This film has been appreciated by critics and is an icon of cinema directed by women. *March 29


The winner of the audience award at the Morelia International Film Festival captures the intimacy of one of the most important figures in Mexican literature.

Natalia Beristain directs a great cast who give life to the writer Rosario Castellanos and the philosopher Ricardo Guerra through different stages of their lives and their relationship.

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