Marcus Jordan Confirms He Plans To Marry Larsa Pippen: Will Michael Jordan Approve?

lnba legend, Michael Jordanhas already publicly admitted that he does not approve of the relationship Marcus Jordan With Larsa Pippen. The story that began after Scotty Pippen divorced his previous wife and scandal erupted in his relationship with “His Majesty”.

Following the airing of the Netflix documentary series, the two legendary stars Bulls of Chicago they had a big argument. If Markus marries Larsa Pippen, it will inevitably separate Michael and Scotty forever. But how exactly did Marcus Jordan confirm that he was planning to marry Larsa Pippen? It all happened when the couple was leaving the establishment and one of the tabloids approached them to ask about a possible wedding.

Marcus and Larsa’s early wedding plans

Marcus Jordan revealed that he and Larsa Pippen are already looking for a location for their potential wedding. paparazzi Larsa was asked if she had already chosen her wedding dress, to which Pippen said that she was also in the process.

News that Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen won’t like very much. But love can sometimes be like this, it doesn’t discriminate or care about social constructions. Now to convince Michael Jordan that everything is in order will be a completely different story. From the way Marcus answered confidently, he wouldn’t mind if his father didn’t give his blessing. possible marriage.

Will Michael Jordan accept his son’s love relationship?

However, Michael Jordan will eventually have to accept that this is reality and that his son is head over heels in love with his ex-teammate’s ex-wife. This delicate situation, but not one that cannot be treated like adults. Convincing Scotty Pippen that everything is fine can be tricky, but he has every right not to interfere in all this.

For all the time that Larsa and Markus They were a couple, we didn’t hear Scottie Pippen complain about anything related to it. It doesn’t matter if Michael Jordan approves this match right now, but it will be when the time comes and Markus proposes to Larsa.


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