Margot Robbie’s ‘Twin’ Recreates One Of Barbie’s Most Iconic Scenes

margot robbie She is at her best. Multiple Oscar nominee is the latest actress to enter the billion dollar club with Barbie and the audience loves it more and more every moment, even some clones have appeared.

After weeks of preparation and a rampage of pink everywhere, the world has just ended the Barbie mania as it hit $1 billion at the global box office. But there’s already a new blonde on the block, and the internet is calling her Margot Robbie’s “twin” and some claiming she’s the “2.0” version of the Australian beauty.

Erin Bauer is Margot Robbie’s “twin” and is already posing as Barbie

Erin Bauer, 21, from Ohio, Cincinnati, has made TikTok users go crazy with her uncanny resemblance to the Barbie star. She finally went to the movies to see her doppelgänger in all his glory, and to celebrate, she recreated the infamous scene.

Last Thursday, August 3, Erin took to her TikTok page, @erinbauer, and posted a video of her dressing up as a Barbie before heading off to watch a movie. The gorgeous social media influencer wore a low-cut pink silk blouse and straight-cut jeans.

And fans were furious when he took close-ups of her legs and donned high heels, just like her stunt double Margo. One person said, “Erin, you and Margo are such twins that I love it.” Another wrote: “You literally look like her too.” The third said, “You definitely look like Margot.” A fourth added, “Hi Barbie.”

Erin first took TikTok by storm in July 2019 when she posted a video of herself dressed as an Oscar-nominated actress in her racy role as Naomi LaPaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street. The clip garnered 2.3 million views and another 229,000 likes as fans raved about the 19-year-old doppelgänger.

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