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At 16 years old, the young pianist María Hanneman is already aware of the harsh reality that thousands of women go through in our country and around the world. That is why she is so excited to return to her country, where today she will offer the second of her two presentations in the State of Mexico, as part of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, in Sala Elisa Carrillo from the Centro Cultural Mexiquense Bicentenario.

“For me this day is an opportunity to fight, to raise my voice, to show people that women are not going to stop fighting until something changes. Gender equality is sorely needed, especially in Mexico, which is a country where 11 women are killed or disappeared every day. It is a damage that is very bad, and that can really start with a small insult or verbal abuse, anywhere, on the street, at school, on social networks and even in the media. It shouldn’t be allowed, but it continues to be done because it can.

“In truth, for me to represent the girls of my generation with these concerts is very important. In addition to the fact that it is a very special date, I am also excited because I am opening the 148th season of one of the most important orchestras in the country (the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra, OSM)”, explains María Hanneman, in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.


An admirer of several prominent women in the world of concert music, such as the pianist Martha Argerich, the opera singer María Katzarava, the conductor Alondra de la Parra, or the composer Gabriela Ortiz, this young pianist acknowledges that there is still a lot of work to be done. do to make visible the work of women in the musical environment, which can be hostile to a certain extent.

“Although greater visibility is already being achieved than before, I believe that more can still be done, there are many talented women who deserve that and more, it’s not that they need it, but that they deserve it. But the problem is that (in the middle) there are many bad, critical, envious and sexist people. There are times when unnecessary comments are made, ”says the pianist, who wears a lilac ribbon with the feminist symbol on her left wrist, and acknowledges that her path has not been easy for her either, but rather arduous.


For these concerts, the OSM will interpret the Overture in C Majorby the German Romantic composer\u0009Felix Mendelsson, and the Symphony No. 4 in D Minor, by the American composer Florence Price. Meanwhile, Maria Hanneman will play the Piano Concerto No. 23, K488 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composed in 1786.

“It is a concert that I had already prepared for an occasion when I was younger. And the truth is that I like it a lot, Mozart is one of my favorite composers. I think this concert, for my taste, is one of the most beautiful that he has; It is very robust, with a lot of character, it has many changes of emotions, so I think that people will reach a lot when they hear it”.

In the prime of her youth, but already with several recognitions and performances on some of the most important stages in the world, after starting to play the piano at the age of four, María Hanneman is currently studying for a degree in piano both in Mexico and abroad. Spain; she corresponds with her friends and travels with her family. Apart from concert music, she is a regular at listening to jazz, pop and other genres, with proposals from artists such as Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis or Lila Downs.

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“I see myself in the future with my career finished, playing in many places with those people that I admire. Traveling, either alone or with my parents and my friends. But above all enjoying this ”, declares María, as a projection of her future.

Regarding whether her way of living the piano has changed over the years, the instrumentalist assures that when she was younger, “I saw all this, not as a game, but I never thought that it would get here; Now I see it as something professional, as a career, and my perception has changed. The truth is that when I was little I didn’t get nervous at all, I almost ran out onto the stage; And now I do get nervous. But I know it’s normal, it’s part of the experience and I want to enjoy it. When I’m in front of the piano it’s like being at home”, she concludes.

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